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Weight reduction

A good formula for losing weight

Plenty of protein satiates

Formula diets facilitate weight reduction for several reasons. Thanks to the high protein content of the products, they are quickly filling and promote muscle building if you train at the same time. However, patients with impaired kidney function, which includes many seniors but also diabetics, should consult their doctor about the high protein intake. Excessive protein intake can possibly put additional strain on their kidneys. It should also be noted that many formula products contain large amounts of sugar or sweeteners and usually also flavourings. The amount of dietary fibre, on the other hand, is low. The often sweet, rather monotonous taste and the almost exclusively liquid or mushy consistency can endanger the user’s adherence. It is important to note that the products are not a permanent solution. »The focus of any weight-reduction programme should be that people change their eating habits in the long term and exercise more«, says Selig. It may be that formula diets do usually lead to fast weight loss. »But without professional support, patients do not learn new eating behaviours, and the yo-yo effect sets in as soon as they stop using the products.«

PTA should give the following advice to patients who want to try these diets: »Formula diets are taken instead of and not in addition to meals. Even though this should go without saying, misunderstandings can arise«, says the expert.

Calorie deficit is essential

If you want to lose weight, you cannot avoid a true, but not too extreme calorie deficit over a longer period of time. At first glance, »light-products« may make this easier. In these versions of food, manufacturers replace calorie carriers such as fat or sugar with low-calorie fat substitutes or sweeteners; sometimes they also increase the water content. To ensure taste and consistency, they use additives such as flavours, taste enhancers or thickeners. Many of these products are not filling like normal foods. They also tempt people to eat more.

For a sustainable weight reduction, people who are overweight should make several adjustments right away: Exercise more, eat more vegetables and fresh foods, cut back on fat, but do not ban any food completely. Many people do well with the 80/20 rule: eat 80 percent healthy and calorie-conscious food and treat yourself to 20 percent of other food. Sufficient sleep and relaxation are still important for a successful weight reduction.

Deutsch/German Englisch/English
Abnehmen lose weight
Ballaststoffe dietary fibres
Diätprodukt diet products
Diätprogramm dietary programme
Entspannung relaxation
Ernährungsweise diet, eating habits
Essverhalten eating behaviour
Fette fats
Flohsamenschalen psyllium husks
Formula-Diät formula diets
Gemüse vegetables
Gewichtsreduktion weight reduction
Kalorienreduktion calorie reduction
Kohlenhydrate carbohydrates
Lebensmittel food
Mahlzeit meal
Nährstoffpulver nutrient powder
Protein protein
Schlaf sleep
Übergewicht overweight

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