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Otitis externa

Acid for the ears

Keep dry

PTA may recommend ear drops with procaine and phenazone for the pain in uncomplicated otitis externa, as in Otalgan® ear drops. It is important to note that they should only be used if the eardrum is not damaged. If the pain feels very severe, the affected person can also take analgesics.

Otherwise, it is important to keep the ears dry and to refrain from swimming or diving. It is also better for patients to avoid using earplugs or in-ear headphones during the infection. If they want to reuse them later, PTA can recommend an alcohol-based solution for disinfection to avoid re-infection.

To prevent re-infection, proper ear hygiene is indispensable. It is usually sufficient to gently remove excess wax from the outer ear with a damp cloth. In cases of excessive cerumen production, such as hearing aid wearers, it is best for patients to discuss with the doctor whether they can come in regularly for professional cleaning. In some cases, special ear cleaning products can help, such as Otowaxol®, Audispray® or Otitex® ear drops.

A good tip is always to keep your ears dry. For divers, special diving masks that also enclose the ears can be a solution. For summer bathing fun, there are tight-fitting bathing caps that cover the ears well and are not sufficient under water, but they do keep splashing water out.


Deutsch/German Englisch/English
Antimikrobiell antimicrobial
Antiseptisch antiseptic
Ausfluss discharge, outflow
Badekappe bathing cap
Entzündung inflammation
Gehörgang ear canal
Gewebe tissue
Infektionsgefahr risk of infection, danger of infection
Juckreiz itching
Milieu environment, milieu
Ohr ear
Ohrenschmalz earwax
Ohrmuschel auricle
Ohrreinigung ear cleaning
pH-Wert pH value
Taucher diver
Tauchermaske diving mask
Trommelfell eardrum
Wattestäbchen cotton swabs

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