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Act fast with herpes

Dubious offers

Another active ingredient against herpes viruses is docosanol (Muxan®), a saturated aliphatic alcohol which is to prevent the penetration of the viruses into the cell. Zinc formulations (for example Lipactin®, Virudermin®) have a weak virustatic effect and promote healing.

Herpes plasters, also known as herpes patches, work through hydrocolloids. They support wound healing and relieve pain and itching. Because they cover the affected area completely, the risk of virus transmission to other parts of the body or to other people is largely eliminated.

In the lay press and on the internet, dietary products containing vitamins and lysine preparations are often advertised for the prevention of cold sores. The lysine’s mode of action is postulated to be that amino acid reduces the absorption of its counterpart arginine in the human body and as a result the herpes viruses lack arginine, which they need to multiply. Its effectiveness is questionable.

If people have to cope with relatively extensive lip herpes and quite frequently, they should consult their doctor. It might be an underlying disease that weakens the immune system. But that does not necessarily have to be the case. Sometimes it is enough for the patient to take acyclovir orally for a while to get the viruses under permanent control.

German/German English/English
ansteckend contagious
Bläschen bubbles
Frühstadium early stage
Herpes herpes
Immunsystem immune system
jucken itch
Körperkontakt body contact
Krankheitsgefühl feeling ill, unwell
kribbeln tingling
Krusten crusts
Lippe lip
Lymphknoten lymph nodes
Melisse Melissa
Mundwinkel corner of the mouth
Nervenbahnen nerve tracts
Resistenz resistance
Rötung redness
Stress stress
Übertragung transmission
Virus virus

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