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Skin disease


Annette van Gessel & Marta Campbell
15.12.2014  10:16 Uhr

Good English language skills are usually helpful when advising foreign-language customers. PTA-Forum has compiled the most important vocabulary, questions and advice on "rosacea".

Despite puberty being long over, papules and pustules can suddenly appear in the face. These unsightly skin impurities could be caused by rosacea. Although this particular dermatitis may look very similar to acne, rosacea has nothing in common with acne.

Those mostly affected are older women, often well past 60. The early stage of the disease is also known as couperose. It may not be possible to completely heal rosacea, but by using special medication and the right type of cosmetic skin care, the symptoms can in most cases be substantially improved. Furthermore, suitable non-medicinal measures can stop rosacea from progressing.

People affected by skin impurities in their face often find it very burdensome and seek advice first from a chemist. Before a remedy can be recommended PTA or the chemist need to ask a number of questions.

Important questions for the consultation

  • How long have you had these symptoms?
  • Have you noticed that the skin symptoms sometimes become worse, for example after you had consumed alcohol?
  • How long does it take for the inflamed areas to disappear?
  • Have you already taken any medication?
  • Do you take any medication regularly?
  • Have you already consulted a dermatologist concerning these symptoms?

Additional information

  • Try to avoid any situation which stimulates the blood circulation of the skin, for example strong heat or cold stimuli.
  • Please abstain from spicy food if you have observed a connection.
  • Please use mild skin care products.
  • Should you be exposed to high UV radiation, remember to apply a sun blocker with a very high UV protection.
  • After cleaning your face, gently dab it dry.
  • Please consult a dermatologist so that he can decide on additional therapeutic options.
Deutsch / German Englisch / English
Beschwerden symptoms
Durchblutung blood circulation
Entzündung inflammation
Gesichtscreme face cream
Hautarzt dermatologist
Hauterkrankung skin disease
Hautpflege skin care
Hitze heat
Kälte cold
Medikamente medication
Pflegeprodukt skin care product
Pickel pimples
Reinigung cleaning
Rötung reddening
scharf gewürzte Speisen spicy food
Seife soap
Syndet syndet
Stirnbereich area of the forehead
Vocabulary on rosacea