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Allergic Rhinitis & Conjunctivitis

Acute hay fever

Annette van Gessel & Marta Campbell
08.02.2016  10:38 Uhr

Those suffering from acute hay fever ask for advice at the pharmacy and seek rapid help for their symptoms. PTA Forum has compiled the most important vocabulary, questions and advice on the subject of "allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis".

Due to the extremely mild temperatures in December and beginning of January, the wind has already been blowing the first hazel and alder pollen through the air. Consequently, many hay fever sufferers were suddenly confronted with watering eyes, a runny nose and swelling of the nasal mucous membrane. Most people know from experience that the problems would be much milder if, when noticing the first symptoms, they used anti-allergic eye drops and nasal sprays or took the appropriate drugs.

It is likely that some tourists are also taken by surprise by this phenomenon. They may be quite helpless in this situation, not having taken their usual medication along with them in their first-aid kit. Nobody can enjoy his or her holidays if breathing becomes difficult and the head is buzzing. Those suffering from pollen allergies, who are on business in Germany, find it hard to concentrate on their work. When in a foreign country, they are hesitant to consult a doctor. They mostly ask a pharmacist for an effective medication to ease their health complaint.

Before being able to recommend the right type of medication, the pharmacist or pharmacy technician needs to ask a few questions. Inter alia it needs to be clarified if the symptoms have been caused by a pollen allergy or a cold.


Important questions for the consultation

  • What are these symptoms like? Are eyes and nose itching?
  • Is there an explanation for your present problem?
  • Have you experienced the phenomenon in previous years?
  • Have you taken your temperature?
  • Have you already taken any medication?
  • Have you ever consulted a doctor because of similar complaints?

Additional information

  • When the eyes are badly swollen, applying cold packs will help.
  • Try to reduce your contact with the allergen.
  • Reduce the pollen exposure by washing your hair every evening, closing the windows at night, taking off your clothes outside the bedroom.
  • Regular nasal rinsing with salt solutions can reduce the pollen count on the nasal mucous membrane.
Deutsch / German Englisch / English
Allergenkontakt contact with the allergen
Arztbesuch visit to the doctor
Augentropfen eye drops
Beschwerden complaints, symptoms
Erklärung explanation
Erkältung cold
Fenster window
Fieber fever, temperature
Heuschnupfen hay fever
Kleidung clothing, clothes
Kopfschmerzen headache
Kühlkompressen cold packs
Nasenschleimhaut nasal mucous membrane
Nasenspray nasal spray
Nasenspülung nasal rinsing
Phänomen phenomenon
Pollenallergie pollen allergy
Pollenbelastung pollen count
Schlafzimmer bedroom
Symptome symptoms
Vocabulary on allergic rhinitis & conjunctivitis