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Herpes Simplex Virus

Advice on lip herpes

Annette van Gessel & Marta Campbell
30.01.2017  13:09 Uhr

Do You speak English?

If the lip suddenly burns and itches, those affected usually first ask the pharmacist for advice and seek quick help. Foreign-language customers are grateful if they can communicate in English and receive advice.

Travelling by plane across several time zones does not only disturb the sleep rhythm but it also weakens the immune system. Likewise, intensive ultraviolet radiation can affect the immune system, for example during a skiing holiday.

People who contracted a herpes simplex virus may then show the first signs of a new virus outbreak on their lip: itchiness, a tingling sensation and a feeling of tightness. Before a remedy can be recommended, pharmacy technicians or pharmacists need to ask a few questions.

Information and questions

  • Please briefly describe the ­symptoms.
  • Are you familiar with these ­symptoms from earlier occasions?
  • Since when have you had these complaints?
  • Do you prefer a cream or rather a patch?
  • You can choose from three alterna­tives: a medicine containing a chemical substance, a preparation containing Melissa extract or zinc salt.
  • It is important to start the treatment if possible at the first signs of lip herpes.
  • Should pus occur in the area of the blisters, please consult a doctor.
  • If the symptoms do not recede ­within seven days, please let a doctor find the cause.

Additional information

  • Apply the ointment preferably with a cotton swab and wash your hands immediately afterwards.
  • Avoid any causes that triggered your lip herpes in the past.
  • Protect your lips from intensive UV rays, best by using a sun blocker.
  • Avoid anything that may weaken your immune system.
  • Do not use the preparation for longer than ten days.
  • The herpes virus is very infectious. The fluid inside the blisters contains numerous viruses, which can be passed on for example by kissing.
  • Do not share any glasses or cutlery with someone else to avoid passing on the herpes to that person.
  • Do not touch blisters that have burst open as this spot may easily become inflamed.
  • If the skin around the edges of the blisters feels very tight, apply some oily ointment.
Deutsch / German Englisch / English
abklingen recede
ansteckend contagious, infectious
Arzneimittel medicine, drug
Arzt doctor, physician
Auslöser cause, trigger
Beschwerden symptoms, health complaints
Bläschen blisters, vesicles
Creme cream
Eiter pus, purulence
entzündet inflamed
Flüssigkeit fluid, liquid
Immunsystem immune system
Juckreiz itchiness, itching
Kribbeln tingling
Lichtschutzfaktor sun protection factor
Lippen lips
Pflaster plaster, patch
Salbe ointment
Schmerz pain
Skifahren skiing
Sonnenschutz sun (solar) protection, sun blocker
Spannungsgefühl feeling of tightness
UV-Strahlung ultraviolet (UV) radiation (rays)
Virenausbruch virus outbreak
Virus virus
Wattestäbchen cotton swabs, cotton buds
Vocabulary on lip herpes