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Sore Throat & Hoarseness

Acute sore throat

Annette van Gessel & Marta Campbel
23.02.2015  12:07 Uhr

In the case of an acute sore throat, those affected ask the pharmacist for advice and seek rapid help to overcome their symptoms. PTA-Forum has compiled the most important vocabulary, questions and advice on the subject of "sore throat and hoarseness".

A cold often starts with an acute inflammation of the throat. The throat feels scratchy and hurts when swallowing. It is difficult to speak loudly, or the voice fails completely. Eating and drinking may cause pain and many affected persons seek quick relief – often at the chemist. There are numerous pharmaceutical preparations for local application, which can be used for self-medication. Amongst others, these are gargling solutions, lozenges, and some phytotherapeutics, for example those containing thyme or sage.

To enable PTA/pharmacists to recommend the optimal medication, the sick person needs to be asked a few questions by the pharmacist. Moreover, he needs to consider that a drug may possibly cause the symptoms or that a severe illness is at the bottom of it. In the case of children, it could, for example, be scarlet fever that triggers these complaints, in which case these are followed by a rash within two days and the tongue characteristically becomes very red. In such a case it is absolutely essential that the parents consult a paediatrician.

Important questions for the consultation

  • What kind of complaints do you have in detail?
  • How long have you experienced these complaints?
  • Have any reddish-whitish areas come up in your throat?
  • Is your tongue red and swollen?
  • Do you experience pain when eating or drinking?
  • Are there any other complaints that you may have?
  • Do you take any medication regularly?

Additional information

  • Drink a lot, preferably two litres a day.
  • Make sure that there is sufficient humidity in the rooms you live in, especially in the bedroom.
  • If the symptoms do not clear within a few days, you need to consult a doctor.
  • The complaints are severe and have continued for too long a time: You need to consult a doctor.
  • Have a good rest and avoid physical strain, especially any kind of sports.
  • Cigarette smoke dries up the vocal cords. Smokers should therefore preferably stop smoking.

Information on the correct application of the recommended pharmaceutical preparation: Let the tablet dissolve slowly in your mouth, preferably in your cheek pouch. You should gargle sufficiently long with the solution. Do not rinse your mouth afterwards.

Deutsch / German Englisch / English
Angina angina
Anstrengung strain
Beschwerden complaints, symptoms
Erkältung cold
Fieber fever, temperature
Gaumenmandeln tonsils
gurgeln to gargle
Halsschmerzen sore throat
Hautausschlag rash
Heiserkeit horseness
Kinderarzt paediatrician
Lutschpastille lozenge
Ohrenschmerzen earache
Rachen pharynx
Ruhe rest
Scharlach scarlet fever
Schluckbeschwerden difficulty swallowing
Schüttelfrost chills, shivers
Stimmbänder vocal cords
Symptome symptoms
Zunge tongue
Vocabulary on sore throat