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Travel Sickness

Be prepared

Annette van Gessel & Marta Campbell
22.04.2014  16:02 Uhr

When advising foreign-language customers, a good knowledge of English usually helps. This time PTA-Forum has compiled the most important English terms, questions and hints on the subject of travel sickness.

Holidays at last! Most children are eagerly awaiting school holidays, and grown-ups too are looking forward to freedom from work, deadlines, and appointments. Unfortunately, travelling to the holiday destination can become agony for those who invariably feel nauseous during long-lasting car or bus journeys. In this case taking early precautions is called for. PTA and pharmacists can recommend the right medication to those suffering from travel-sickness and give them additional advice.

There are numerous preparations available for self-medication although the choice of active substances is limited. What is important, however, is to determine the right form of application. One remedy could be chewing gum which is suitable for both children and adults. This should be chewed half an hour before starting the journey or latest on the onset of the first symptoms.

To prevent excessive vomiting, children should be ad­ministered a suppository by their parents before starting the journey. Special Scopolamin patches work very fast and the effect is long lasting, about 72 hours. The patches are, however, only available on prescription.

Important questions for the consultation

  • Is this preparation for you personally?
  • What exact symptoms do you or does the person affected have?
  • Do you only feel dizzy?
  • Do you vomit easily?
  • Do you break out in a sweat?
  • Would you prefer to take herbal preparations?
  • Would you like to take homeopathic medicine?
  • Have you already had good experiences with a medication?
  • Do you take any medication regularly?

Additional Information

  • Do not start your journey with a full stomach, but it should not be completely empty either.
  • If your child loses too much fluid, you must see a doctor.
  • I recommend that you drink a lot during your journey, thinned fruit juice or non sparkling mineral water.
  • If travelling by car, you should have regular breaks. Slight nausea mostly gets better in fresh air.
  • If your journey takes longer than eight hours, you should take another pill after four, latest after six hours.
Deutsch / German Englisch / English
Antiemetikum antiemetic
Durchfall diarrhoea
Elektrolyte electrolytes
erbrechen to vomit
Flüssigkeitsersatz fluid replacement
Reisekrankheit travel-sickness
Schwindel dizziness
schwindelig dizzy
Übelkeit nausea
Vocabulary on travel sickness