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Sun protection

Always apply generously

Isabel Weinert & Marta Campbell
08.05.2018  12:27 Uhr

Today most people know that too much sunbathing is bad for the skin. However, every year many questions about sun protection are asked again and again. Especially in the case of sun protection for children or in the case of skin diseases, many customers are not sure which protection to use.

All over the world skin cancer increases faster than any other type of cancer. In the fifties and sixties children were allowed to be in the sun unprotected. Those children are now at that age (from 60 years onwards) when especially the white skin cancer can break out. Much less frequent but far more dangerous is the malignant melanoma. But the white cancer too can be life-threatening.

A good sun protection is not the only solution for sun damage, but it is an essential part of precaution and the right behaviour. Also use the sunscreen in the shade, in the water and if the sky is cloudy. Buy a new sunscreen after one year. After that time the old sunscreen may not be as effective.


  • Apply the sunscreen to the cleaned skin 30 minutes before you go out in the sun. Skin care products or repellents should only be used after 15 to 30 minutes following the sunscreen application.
  • You need at least three large tablespoons of sunscreen in order to protect the body sufficiently. Remember the sensitive parts, that is: the ear­lobes, lips, nose, chin, the top part of the foot (arch of the foot), and the neck.
  • Cream yourself again after sport, ­bathing and drying. However, this does not prolong the original time of protection.
  • Do not wait until the end of the sunscreen protection time.
  • If possible, avoid to be in the sun ­between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. There is a general rule that the sun is dangerous as long as the shadow is shorter than you yourself.



  • Do you need the sunscreen for every day or are you going on holiday?
  • Where are you travelling to?
  • Do you need the sun protection also for children?
  • Are you suffering from a skin disease?
  • Do you have very dry skin?
  • Was there any sunscreen which your skin could not tolerate?
  • Fragen
  • Brauchen Sie das Sonnenschutzmittel für jeden Tag oder fahren Sie in den Urlaub?
  • Wohin reisen Sie?
  • Benötigen Sie den Sonnenschutz auch für Kinder?
  • Leiden Sie unter einer Haut­erkrankung?
  • Haben Sie besonders trockene Haut?
  • Haben Sie schon einmal ein Sonnen­schutzmittel nicht gut vertragen?
Deutsch / German Englisch / English
Eigenschutzzeit self-protection time
Fußrücken top part of the foot / arch of the foot
Genick neck
Gereinigt cleaned
Haut skin
Hautkrebs skin cancer
Kinn chin
Lippen lips
Nase nose
Ohrläppchen earlobe
Physikalische/chemische Filter physical / chemical filters
Sonnenbaden sunbathing
Sonnenbrand sunburn
Sonnenhut sun hat
Sonnenschutzmittel sunscreen / sunblock
UV A-/UV B-Strahlen UV A /UV B rays
UV-Schutzkleidung UV protection clothing / ultraviolet protection clothing
Wasserfest waterproof
Vocabulary on sun protection