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Wound Treatment

Focus on healing wounds

01.06.2017  11:16 Uhr

Especially in summer time many people get injured. PTA and pharmacists play an important role to find the right wound treatment.

Trivial wounds such as abrasions and small cuts should, if possible, first be rinsed with tap water. Subsequently they should be disinfected using povidone iodine, Polyhexanid or Octinedin.

After that, an emergency bandage should be applied. Wound dressings, which ensure a moist wound environment, will optimally support all phases of wound healing.

If you decide to air-dry the wound, you are risking delayed healing. In this case a hard scab will emerge, which will hinder important processes and additionally lead to scar tissue.


  • How did the wound occur?
  • Where is the wound located?
  • How big is it?
  • Does it feel hot or do you feel your pulse in it?
  • How long ago did the injury happen?
  • What have you undertaken so far?
  • When did you have your last tetanus vaccination?
  • Are you a diabetic or do you take any medication that suppresses the immune system?
  • Have you ever had an allergic reaction to a plaster adhesive?
  • Should the plaster be waterproof?


  • This type of plaster is the most suitable one for your wound.
  • The adhesive of this plaster is very well tolerated.
  • This plaster is silver coated. Silver is additionally effective against germs.
  • This preparation with panthenol or this burn and wound gel will help you.
  • Your wound is inflamed. There is pus/the edges of the wound are reddened. You should therefore see a doctor.
  • If the wound is not inflamed and if the plaster stays clean and dry you will need to change it only every two or three days.
  • After disinfection of your small laceration or cut it can be closed with a clip plaster.
  • This cut will have to be treated by a doctor.

Additional information

  • To remove the plaster easily from this small wound, tear it off near the skin in the direction of the hair growth.
  • Should a plaster stick to the wound, saturate it with this saline. It can then be easily removed.
  • In the case of a bite wound you should see a doctor immediately.
  • If you want to shower, pull this plastic film over the plaster/bandage and seal it.


Deutsch / German Englisch / English
ausspülen rinse
Bisswunde bite wound
Desinfektionsmittel disinfectant
desinfizieren disinfect
Duschfolie plastic film
Entzündung inflammation
Keime germs
Klebstoff adhesive
Kochsalzlösung saline, saline solution
Kruste scab, crust
Narbe scar
Pflaster plaster, band-aid (Am.)
Platzwunde laceration, cut
reinigen clean
Silber silver
Tetanusimpfung tetanus vaccination
Verbandwechsel dressing change
verletzen injure
Verkrustung incrustation
Wunde wound
Wundrand wound margin, edges of the wound
Wundschnellverband emergency bandage
zuschneiden cut, cut to size
Vocabulary on wound treatment