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Decrease the risk of sinusitis

Annette van Gessel & Marta Campbell
18.08.2014  13:29 Uhr

Good English skills are usually helpful when advising foreign-language customers. PTA-Forum has compiled the most important vocabulary, questions and hints on the subject of "sinusitis".

When you come from the outdoor heat into an air-conditioned room in summer, this will not only burden your blood circulation but you can easily catch a cold. The same is true for travellers by train, coach or plane. These drastic changes in temperatures are often the cause of the so-called summer flu.

The common cold is especially bothersome during summer. The eyes are watering, the nose is running and, after a few days, the nose is mostly totally blocked. At this stage, there is the risk of the rhinoviruses spreading to the paranasal sinuses. The condition worsens, accompanied by bad headache and a persistent unpleasant feeling of pressure in the forehead and cheeks.

To decrease the risk of sinusitis, persons having a cold have to ensure that the mucus, which has formed dissolves. There are numerous preparations available for the self-medication of an acute uncomplicated sinusitis. Before any medication can be recommended, PTA or the pharmacist needs to ask a few questions.

Important questions for the consultation

  • How do you experience the symptoms?
  • Do you have bad headaches?
  • Do you feel any pressure in your forehead?
  • Does the pain increase when you get up in the morning or bend down?
  • Would you prefer to use nose drops or a spray?
  • Would you like a preparation with a synthetic substance or do you prefer a herbal one?

Additional information

  • Use the preparation only for a short period, maximum for 7 days.
  • Drink 2 to 3 litres per day so that the preparation can take full effect.
  • In many cases, irradiation with an infrared lamp will help to dissolve the mucus.
  • For headache and aching limbs you can take an over-the-counter analgesic such as Ibuprofen or ASS.
  • The inhalation of hot water steam – possibly adding camomile oil or peppermint or eucalyptus oil – will moisten the respiratory tracts and ease the discharge of mucus.
  • Please avoid cigarette smoke and do not smoke yourself.
  • If your condition does not improve considerably in the following few days, please consult a doctor or specialist.
Deutsch / German Englisch / English
Druckgefühl in der Stirn pressure in the forehead
Entzündung inflammation
Gliederschmerzen aching limbs
Kopfschmerz headache
Inhalation inhalation
Kapseln capsules
Nasenatmung nasal breathing
Nasennebenhöhlen paranasal sinuses
Nasenspray nose spray
Nasentropfen nose drops
Rotlicht infrared lamp
Sekret mucus
Vocabulary on sinusitis