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Acne vulgaris

Persistence is needed

Annette van Gessel & Marta Campbell
25.08.2017  12:03 Uhr

Acne vulgaris is not only a problem during puberty. Also over 10 percent of adults are discomforted with inflamed pimples. 

Impure skin does not necessarily mean that it is acne. Therefore, a visit to a pharmacy should be the first step to clarify if these inflammatory skin changes are in fact symptoms of an acne vulgaris.

As most people are sensitive about their skin problem, pharmacy technicians’ and the pharmacist’s consultation needs to be conducted gently. They must not play down even mild forms of the ailment, as the degree of the psychological strain on the afflicted does not necessarily depend on how severe the skin appearance is.

In more than half the cases, over the counter topical remedies from the chemist will help. Preparations containing benzoyl peroxide have proven to be very effective. However, the treatment can only be successful in the long run, if the affected persons can muster the necessary patience. Basically applies: acne is persistent, and the afflicted must be just as persistent.


  • Have you already had any good experiences with a particular acne remedy?
  • Have you already seen a doctor in the past because of the acne?
  • Since when have you had this problem?
  • Have you been using a different skin-care preparation recently?


  • Skin impurity has nothing to do with poor hygiene. Excessive cleansing will only irritate the skin even more and may cause it to dry out.
  • Your skin may initially react sensitively. Please increase the dose of the remedy gradually.
  • It is not sufficient to apply the remedy only to individual pimples. Please use the preparation on the entire area.
  • You need to use the preparation consistently and over a longer period. Only in doing so can you prevent scarring for instance.
  • The preparation contains benzoyl peroxide. Be careful that it does not come in contact with your clothing, as it could discolour the material.
  • Benzoyl peroxide makes the skin more sensitive to ultraviolet light. In case of strong solar radiation protect your skin with a sunblock during the day.

Additional information

  • Use mild soap-free syndets for ­ gentle cleansing of the skin.
  • Suitable for skincare are cosmetics with a low fat content such as oil-in-water emulsions or hydrogels.
  • It is a fallacy to believe that UV rays improve acne. On the contrary, UV-A rays aggravate the problem.
  • As a sunscreen product it is best to use a lotion or a gel; an oil or cream contain too much fat.
  • Steam baths with camomile gently cleanse the pores and soothe the skin.
  • Always wash your face with a clean flannel or disposable flannels.
  • Dry your face and all affected skin areas with a separate towel, which should preferably be changed daily.
  • There is no special acne diet even though it may be said so in some reports.
Deutsch / German Englisch / English
Akne acne
ausbleichen bleach out, discolour
Dampfbad steam bath
Dosis steigern increase the dose
Einmalwaschlappen disposable flannel
Fettanteil fat content
Gesicht face
großflächig extensive, on the entire area
Handtuch towel
Hautpflege skincare
Hygiene hygiene
Irrglaube fallacy
Kamille camomile
Kleidung clothing
Kosmetikum cosmetic
langfristig long-term, over a long time
Narbenbildung scarring
Pickel pimple, spot
Reinigung cleansing
seifenfreies Syndet soap-free syndet
Sonnenschutzmittel sunscreen
Sunblocker sunblock
UV-Strahlung ultraviolet (UV) rays
Waschlappen flannel, face cloth
Vocabulary on acne vulgaris