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Slipped Disc


Annette van Gessel & Marta Campbell
26.11.2014  10:00 Uhr

Good English language skills are usually helpful when advising foreign-language customers. PTA-Forum has compiled the most important vocabulary, questions and hints on the subject of "lumbago".

Many of us know the typical symptoms of a so-called »slipped disc«. You yourself may at one time or another have experienced this sudden pain in the lower part of your back or you may have been indirectly involved by having to help someone who was bent and writhing in pain. Due to the sudden and acute onset of the condition, patients mostly ask their relatives to buy a suitable painkiller at the pharmacist for them.

In addition, the patients should try and ease the muscle tenseness by placing a self-adhesive thermal pad on the aching part or rub it with a warming ointment that stimulates the blood circulation. Before any medication can be recommended, some questions need to be asked by PTA or pharmacists.

Important questions for the consultation

  • Since when have you (or another affected person) had these symptoms?
  • How exactly do you experience these symptoms?
  • Which areas are particularly painful?
  • How badly is your mobility impaired?
  • Have you (or the person affected) already taken any medication?
  • Do you (or the person affected) take medication regularly?

Additional information

  • In the case of self-medication, do not take pain relievers for longer than three consecutive days.
  • Please try to sleep on your back und put a pillow under your lower legs.
  • Remaining in a relieving posture for too long will only aggravate the condition.
  • In addition, applying red light irradiation will help. Warmth eases the muscle tenseness.
  • If you have applied an ointment which stimulates blood circulation, you should thoroughly wash your hands immediately after. On no account must the ointment get onto mucous membranes or into the eyes.
  • If you have frequent problems with backache, you should strengthen your back muscles, for example by doing special back exercises under professional guidance.
  • Avoid any lateral heavy lifting, for example by loading a water tank into the boot.
  • When lifting heavy loads, always bend your knees and then slowly straighten up with your back straight.
  • If your condition does not improve substantially in the next few days, please go and see your doctor. 
Deutsch / German Englisch / English
Analgetikum analgesic
Beschwerden symptoms
Bewegungsfreiheit mobility
Durchblutungsfördernd stimulating blood circulation
Lendenbereich lumbar area
Kissen pillow
Muskelverspannung muscle tenseness
Rotlicht red lamp
Rücken back
Rückengymnastik back exercises
Salbe ointment
Schleimhäute mucous membranes
Schonhaltung relieving posture
Unterschenkel lower leg
Wärmepflaster thermal pad
Vocabulary on slipped disc and lumbago