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Morning-after pill

Annette van Gessel & Marta Campbell
26.09.2016  11:28 Uhr

Since March of last year, the "morning after pill" has been available in Germany without a prescription. In order to help and ensure the quality of the advice provided, the Bundesapothekerkammer has published a checklist with recommendations for action. 

Informations and questions

Questions on the last sexual intercourse:

  • When last did you have unprotected sexual intercourse?
  • Did you forget to take the pill?
  • Which type do you take? How many hours before should you ­have taken it?
  • How old are you?
  • Have you ever tried the »pill after« before?
  • If so, were there any side effects or was there an intolerance?

Questions on the last menstruation:

  • When did you have your last period?
  • Did it come at the usual time?
  • If one of the following questions is answered with »yes«, recommend a pregnancy test and/or a visit to the gynaecologist.
  • Was the first day of the last mens­trua­­tion more than 28 days ago?
  • Has the bleeding been of a shorter duration than usual?
  • Has there been less bleeding than usual?

Other Questions:

  • Are there any signs of an existing pregnancy?
  • Do you suffer from a chronic illness?
  • Are there any indications of thrombosis in your family?
  • Are you taking regularly any medication at present?

Additional Information

  • Take the »pill after« as soon as possible.
  • If you have to vomit within 3 hours after having taken the pill, please immediately come to the pharmacy again. Then you will need an additional »pill after«.
  • During the remaining cycle, you should take additional preventive measures using a safe method.
  • The next menstrual bleeding may occur a few days earlier or later after you have taken the »pill after«. If you miss your period for more than 7 days, please go and see a gynaecologist.
  • If you are taking a contraceptive pill, pause on the day of the »pill after« and take the next contraceptive pill on the following day as usual. It is important that, until your next menstrual bleeding, you use an additional barrier contraceptive method when having intercourse, for example a condom. The reason being, that the contraceptive pill is not reliably effective during that time.
  • Please see a gynaecologist.
Deutsch / German Englisch / English
Antibabypille contraceptive pill
Asthma asthma
ausbleiben stay away, miss
Barrieremethode barrier contraceptive method
Erbrechen vomiting
Geschlechtsverkehr sexual intercourse
Gynäkologe gynaecologist
Kondom condom
Medikament einnehmen take medication
Menstruation menstruation, period
Monatsblutung monthly bleeding
Pause pause, take a break
schwanger pregnant
Schwangerschaft pregnancy
sicher wirken effective
Übelkeit nausea, sickness
ungeschützt unprotected
Verhütung prevention
verhüten take preventive measures
Zyklus cycle
Vocabulary on contraception