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Advice for acute ear pain

Annette van Gessel & Marta Campbell
28.10.2016  11:35 Uhr

English language skills usually help in advising foreign-language customers. Especially in the case of severe earaches, those affected first seek quick help in the pharmacy to relieve their symptoms.

The most important message to those affected is: Bad earache is always a reason to see a doctor immediately. This is particularly the case if children are affected.

Painkillers or analgesic ear drops should only be used for interim relief, until it is possible to see a doctor. Painkillers cannot replace a visit to the doctor and his professional anamnesis.

Information and questions

  • How long have you had these symptoms?
  • Has your hearing been impaired?
  • Are there any additional health complaints?
  • Do you also have a temperature?
  • Is fluid leaking from the ear?
  • I can give you some pills for the pain.
  • I can give you ear drops for the pain.
  • It is imperative, however, that you still see a doctor immediately. Only he can find the cause of the pain.
  • Would you like me to recommend a doctor to you?
  • Would you like me to phone him to make an appointment?
  • Would you like to take the pills right now?

Additional information

  • The nose drops ensure that the nasal mucous membrane is decongested and the accumulated secretion flows off more easily. This will also ease the pressure on the ears.
  • If you dissolve tablets in water, they will work faster.
  • You should drink two to three litres of fluid daily.
  • Please do not take more than two painkillers at one time.
  • Do not take more than four tablets in one day (depending on the instruction leaflet).
  • In the case of minor complaints, warmth, for example from red light, can accelerate the healing process.

Hints for ear drops

  • Cold ear drops feel very unpleasant inside the ear. You should therefore warm the ear drops to body temperature with your hands.
  • It is best to lie on your side when you put the drops in your ear. After that, plug the ear with a wad.
  • Stay lying down for about 15 minutes to allow the drops to work on the ear
  • Note the producer’s dosage ins
Deutsch / German Englisch / English
Beschwerden complaints, symptoms
Druck pressure
Erkältung cold
Entzündung inflammation
eingeschränkt hören impaired hearing
Nasentropfen nose drops
Ohrenschmerzen earache
Ohrentropfen ear drops
Rotlicht red light
Sekret secretion
stechende Schmerzen stabbing pain
Schmerztabletten painkillers
Termin appointment
Trommelfell eardrum
Wattepfropfen wad
Wärme warmth
Vocabulary on acute ear pain