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Acute severe headaches

Annette van Gessel & Marta Campbell
23.11.2015  12:26 Uhr

In the case of acute severe headaches, those affected ask for advice in the pharmacy and seek rapid help for their complaints. PTA Forum has compiled the most important vocabulary, questions and advice on the subject of "headaches".

It is impossible to concentrate fully on one’s work while suffering from a severe headache. Relaxation during a holiday is also impossible. To be on the safe side many people therefore take a suitable analgesic with them in their first-aid-kit. If it has been forgotten in the rush, most people immediately seek advice at the pharmacy. Especially when travelling abroad they are hesitant to consult a doctor because of these rather annoying symptoms.

Experts are warning people not to take headaches lightly. PTA or pharmacists cannot, however, make a differential diagnosis – especially in a foreign language – but by asking a few questions they can pinpoint the type of headache and are in a better position to decide if self-medication can be responsibly commended.

Important questions for the consultation

  • Since when have you had these health complaints?
  • How do you experience these symptoms?
  • How would you describe the intensity of the pains?
  • Do you know the phenomenon?
  • Do you have any explanation for these sudden pains?
  • Have you taken your temperature?
  • Apart from the headaches, are there any additional symptoms?
  • Do you take any medication regularly?
  • Have you already taken some medication?
  • Have you already seen a doctor about these health complaints?

Additional information

  • Drink sufficient fluid, preferably two to three litres a day.
  • If possible, avoid the known causes such as alcohol or nicotine in future.
  • Rest a lot and take it easy until you feel better.
  • As a prophylaxis, you should learn a method of muscle relaxation.
  • If you suffer from headaches regularly, you should keep a »headache diary« in future.
  • If the symptoms do not improve within the next few days or even get worse, for example by the onset of high fever, please consult a doctor.
Deutsch / German Englisch / English
Arztbesuch visit to the doctor
Auslöser causes
Beschwerden health complaints, symptoms
Diagnose diagnosis
Fieber fever, temperature
Intensität intensity
Kopfschmerzen headache
Lärmempfindlichkeit noise sensitivity
Lichtempfindlichkeit light sensitivity
Muskelentspannung muscle relaxation
Phänomen phenomenon
Prophylaxe prophylaxis
Ruhe rest
Schmerzen pains, ache
Schwindel dizziness
Symptome symptoms
Tagebuch diary
Übelkeit nausea
Vocabulary on acute headaches