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Gastrointestinal Complaints

Winter cure for stomach and intestines

Isabel Weinert & Marta Campbell
24.11.2017  10:28 Uhr

In winter, most people evidently eat more than in the warmer seasons. After eating fatty and sweet food, stomach and bowels often react with symptoms such as bloating, flatulence, constipation,  cramps and discomfort. Here, several herbs and drugs can be helpful.

The Christmas spice anise can be very helpful in the case of gastrointestinal complaints. It has a spasmolytic and carmina­tive effect. Similarly, with dyspeptic complaints and flatulence, combinations of fennel and caraway seeds have proved to be effective. 

However, people who have an allergy against umbellifers must not use those three spices. Apart from the above mentioned qualities, the spices also have an antimicrobial effect.

In addition, cloves and cardamoms are good for the digestive system. Likewise, bitter substances and artichokes are said to stimulate the digestion.

Questions and information

  • Have you recently changed your diet?
  • Do the complaints always occur after consuming certain foods?
  • Do you suffer from these complaints more often? If so, you should have this checked by a doctor.
  • Have you had much stress recently?
  • Has a pancreas enzyme deficiency been detected in the past?
  • You should let the doctor ascertain if there is an enzyme deficiency.
  • Try to eat regularly and without rush.
  • It is best to steam or boil your food.
  • Avoid raw vegetables, coffee, sweets and cigarettes for a while.

Additional information

  • Anise, fennel and caraway seeds are effective against spasms and flatulence.
  • If you add cloves to your food, this will help your digestion.
  • Cardamoms and ginger increase the generation of stomach and bileacid.
  • Simethicone is quickly effective against flatulence. This drug is also suitable for babies and during pregnancy.
  • Take this preparation with your meal.
  • The dose should be according to your complaints. Start with the dose as prescribed by the doctor.
Deutsch / German Englisch / English
Anis anise, aniseed
Bauch­speicheldrüse pancreas
Blähungen flatulence, gas
dyspeptische Beschwerden dyspeptic complaints
Enzymmangel enzyme deficiency
Fenchel fennel
fettiges Essen fatty food
Gallensäure bile acid
Gewürze spices
Kardamom cardamoms
Kümmel caraway seeds
Magenbe­schwerden stomach complaints
Magensäure stomach acid
Nelke clove
regelmäßig regularly
Rohkost raw vegetables
Süßigkeiten sweets
Verstopfung constipation
Völlegefühl bloatedness
Vocabulary on gastrointestinal complaints