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Tennis, Mouse and Golfer's Elbow

Change old patterns

Good prognosis

Basically, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow and mouse elbow have a good prognosis if those affected are willing to change their habits. The most important treatment measure is to identify the movements and movement patterns that trigger the symptoms. While this is easy to do in sports, for example, with targeted training of the racket positioning, the changes in everyday working life are usually more complex. The task is to optimise the workplace and establish ergonomic working methods. This includes, for example, raising the keyboard or using a vertical mouse. Ideally, writing should be done in a 10-finger system to put strain on all fingers. It can also help to keep varying the typing speed and to use the keyboard instead of the mouse. In addition to a height-adjustable desk and chair, attention should also be paid to the posture when working. A large distance between the body and the mouse, as occurs when leaning back comfortably in a chair, puts more strain on wrists and elbows.

In addition, regular breaks for hands and fingers as well as stretching exercises for hands, shoulders and neck are important. It is also known that risk factors such as a high work and stress load, a lack of compensation in leisure time and little exercise favour the development of these complaints. Here, relaxation techniques and sports such as yoga or Pilates can provide a balance. In individual cases, psychological counselling or therapy can also be helpful.

Deutsch/German Englisch/English
Beugebewegung Bending movement
Bewegungsabläufe Movement sequences
Chronifizierung Chronification
Dehnübungen Stretching exercises
Drehbewegung Rotational movement
Druckschmerzen Pressure pain
Ellenbogen Elbow
Erschöpfung Fatigue, exhaustion
Fingerbeugung Finger flexion
Kraftverlust Loss of strength
Mausarm Mouse arm
Mikrotrauma Microtrauma
Muskelgruppen Muscle groups
Muskelverspannung Muscle strain
Sehne Tendon
Sehnenansatz Tendon insertion
Schonhaltung Relief posture
Tastatur Keyboard
Taubheitsgefühle Numbness
Tennisarm Tennis Elbow
Wiederholung Repetition
Zehnfingersystem Ten-finger system

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