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Regulating the digestion

Rizolipases are acid-stable compared to porcine lipases and can be applied in lower doses. The capsules are smaller, which is beneficial for the patients’ compliance. Digestive enzymes of plant origin are also an alternative in cases where customers reject pig preparations for religious or ideological reasons.

If customers complain in the pharmacy that the enzyme preparation they are taking has no effect, PTA and pharmacists should ask them specific questions. It often turns out that the dose is either too low or that the preparation is not taken during a meal nor consistently at each meal.


Deutsch/German Englisch/English
Alternative alternative
Bauchspeicheldrüse pancreas
Bitterstoffe bitter substances
Blähungen flatulence
Darm bowel, intestine, Kolon
Dosierung dose, dosage
Dyspepsie dyspepsia
Enzyme enzyme
Fettgehalt fat content
Funktionsstörung functional disorder, dysfunction
Galle bile
Gallenwege bile ducts
Gelbwurz turmeric
Heilpflanzen medicinal herbs
Körpergewicht body weight
Kümmel caraway
Magen stomach
Mahlzeit meal
Melisse melissa, balm
Pankreas pancreas
Pfefferminz peppermint
Verdauung digestion

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