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Varicose veins

Take the first symptoms seriously

No self-healing

As a general rule, varicose veins cannot heal by themselves. Early therapeutic intervention makes sense and not only alleviates discomfort, but can also prevent the progression of the disease and the onset of complications. Doctors and patients have various methods at their disposal for this purpose. Compression bandages and medical compression stockings are an important pillar of basic therapy. They exert targeted pressure on the leg veins, which improves the function of the valves and the muscle pump. Exercise is also part of the therapy. It activates the muscle pump, promotes the return flow of blood to the heart and should be incorporated into everyday life as often as possible. The treatment is supplemented by regular elevation of the legs. In addition, those affected should not stand or sit for long periods of time, avoid hot baths and saunas.

Herbal vein medications are also available for oral use against unpleasant symptoms such as pain, heaviness and tightness. According to the current guideline »Diagnosis and therapy of varicosis«, there is currently evidence-based proof of efficacy for red vine leaf extract, horse chestnut extract and oxerutin. They exert their effect on the vessel walls, reduce their permeability, prevent fluid accumulation in the tissue and thus support or complement the effect of the basic therapy of compression, exercise and elevation. Many patients also find the application of gels, creams, ointments and sprays with extracts of horse chestnut or red vine leaves pleasant. 

German English
Adern veins
Bindegewebe connective tissue
Blutgefäß blood vessel
Elastizität elasticity
Extrakt extract
Knöchel ankle
Kompression compression
Kompressionsstrümpfe compression stockings
Krampfadern vericose veins
Muskelpumpe muscle pump
Ödem oedema
Phlebologe phlebologist
Rosskastanie horse chestnut
Roter Weinlaub red vine leaves
Schmerzen pain
Spannungsgefühle feeling of tension
Varikose varicose
Venen veins
Wadenkrampf calf cramps

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