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Injured during sport

Take the right action immediately

Minor wounds

Haematomas, bruises and sprains are not the only things that happen during sport. If you fall down on a gravel pitch or when doing sports on the street, you can easily get an open wound or abrasion. If the wound is bleeding heavily, it is best to use a sterile compress to stop it and then apply a suitable emergency bandage. If the wound is soiled, wash it with drinking water or a physiological saline solution (such as B. Braun saline solution 0.9% Miniplasco® connect) and then disinfect it. When travelling, disinfectant wound sprays with octenidine (such as Octenisept® Wound Disinfection) or antiseptic creams (such as Bepanthen® Antiseptic Wound Cream with Chlorhexidine) are suitable for use.

Further helpful tips

Some patients would like herbal treatment. Ointments with comfrey, arnica cream or tincture are recommended here. These preparations have a decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect. Examples are Traumaplant® pain-relief ointment, Kytta® pain-relief ointment or doc® arnica cream. The medical product Retterspitz® Muscle Ointment has a purely physical effect. Massaging it in thoroughly supports the healing process. Wraps are another proven option. They can be applied externally with a cooling substance such as curd or the proven Retterspitz® poultice solution. After the poultice application, a pain-relief ointment can be applied.

Also a systemic enzyme cure can possibly promote the recovery process. »Tablets with bromelain or trypsin have been on the market for decades«, says Löllgen. »They are supposed to counteract oedema in cases of swellings after an injury and accelerate healing.« Well-known preparations are Wobenzym® and Phlogenzym®.

Deutsch/German Englisch/English
Bänderriss torn ligament
Bewegung move, movement
Bluterguss haematoma
Blutung bleeding, haemmorrhage
Eis ice
Enzyme enzymes
Folgeschäden consequential (health) damages
Hochlagern elevate, prop-up
Kältepads cold pads
Kompresse compression
Knochenbruch broken bone, bone fracture
Kühlgel cooling gel
Massieren massage
Ödem oedema
Pause break, pause
Platzwunde laceration, cut
Prellung bruise
Salbenverband ointment bandage, ointment dressing
Schmerz pain
Schwellung swelling
Sport sport, sports
Stauchung compression
Verstauchung sprain
Verletzung injury
Warnsignal warning signal
Wickel compress, wrap, poultice
Wunde wound, lesion

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