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Baby’s bottom

Treating dermatitis

Observe allergies

Many zinc ointments contain petrolatum (Vaseline) and lanolin. Vaseline penetrates well into the skin and strengthens the skin barrier. Wool wax, also called lanolin, has excellent water-absorbing properties and cares for the skin. Lanolin is also contained in greasy or healing wool, which is an insider tip for reddened areas. Parents put the washed but otherwise natural sheep’s wool into the fresh nappy. There, the wool creates an air cushion that allows the skin to breathe better. However, some children are allergic to wool wax. In these cases, both wool and lanolin should be avoided.

In the early stages of nappy dermatitis, PTA can recommend creams, moist compresses or sitz baths with natural or synthetic tanning agents (as in Tannolact®, Tannosynt® liquid or Tannosynt® cream). They have an astringent and anti-inflammatory effect. Some protective and caring ointments additionally pamper baby’s skin with dexpanthenol (as in Bepanthen® Wound and Healing Ointment), beeswax or plant extracts and oils (as in Weleda® Calendula Wound Protection Cream, Multilind® DermaCare Protect Care Cream). Cod liver oil and urea (as in Mirfulan® Wound and Healing Ointment, Desitin® Ointment) help the skin to regenerate.

When on the way, appropriate care sprays (such as Desitin® Ointment Spray or Mirfulan® Spray N) are a good addition to the diaper bag. On the other hand, baby powder, which is popular with some people, is obsolete because the risk of perspiration is too great and lumps can form that chafe the skin.

Deutsch/German Englisch/English
Babypuder baby powder
Beikost supplementary food
Haut skin
Hautfalte skin fold
Heilwolle healing wool
Muttermilch breastmilk
Papeln papules
Po bottom, buttocks
Reinigen clean
Rötung redness
Säugling baby, infant
Schmerzhaft painful
Stuhl stool
Urin urine
Windel diapers, nappies
Windeldermatitis diaper dermatitis
Windelsoor nappy sores
Wollwachs woolwax, lanolin
Wundschutzcreme wound protection cream, rash cream
Zinksalbe zink oxide paste/cream, zink ointment

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