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Around 70 percent of all adults in Germany experience in the course of their lives a temporary or permanent disorder of this cavernous body system. The tendency to develop haemorrhoids is a genetic predisposition. But whether this eventually comes to bear is influenced by a number of factors.
Isabel Weinert & Marta Campbell
11.02.2019  18:00 Uhr

Sitting daily for long periods, a low-fibre diet, overweight and pregnancy are risk factors which can often result in constipation. When constipated it is necessary to push hard which increases the pressure on the haemorrhoids. If a backlog of blood then occurs, the haemorrhoidal cushions will swell and protrude. The most frequent symptom is anal bleeding during a bowel movement. Afterwards, »smudging« may also occur as the closing of the anal canal due to the protruding haemorrhoidal cushions is no longer guaranteed. This can cause mucus membrane irritation and itchiness.

If a customer asks for a remedy for haemorrhoids at the pharmacy, it will need to be clarified first whether the »haemorrhoids« had been diagnosed by a doctor. If the answer is no, self-medication should not be recommended.

Deutsch / German Englisch / English
Abführmittel laxative
adstringierend adstringent
anale Blutung anal bleeding
Analvorlage anal sanitary pads
Ballaststoffe fibres
Beckenbodengymnastik pelvic floor exercises
Druck pressure
Flohsamenschalen psyllium husks
Hämorrhoiden haemorrhoids
Hämorrhoidenpolster haemorrhoidal cushions
Juckreiz itchiness
Lokalanästhetikum local anaesthetic
pressen push
rektal rectal
Riss crack
Schleimhaut mucouse membrane
Schwellkörper cavernous body
Stuhlgang bowel movement
Verstopfung constipation
Vocabulary on haemorrhoids

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